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Stallman & Zizek

Caveat: These two men are people I look up to and respect… and find a little amusing.

Having said that… Do you think they are related? I mean it is scary. Or is it just me? Stallman (left) invented the GNU project and the GPL. Zizek (right) is the living heir to psychoanalysis and one the the worlds most popular living philosophers (unless that’s an oxymoron). “So what?” you may say? I just posted two blogs, one referring to each of these and then it struck me. They are very similar, not only in beard and dark ringed eyes (but that also). They are both passionate, logical and radical thinkers. Oh and they are both mad as hatters too. This is the future people!!


July 2, 2008 Posted by | techology | , | 3 Comments